Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Achieve The 3 Levels of Sales Management Efficiently Through Your Auto CRM Solution


Each level of dealership including sales representatives, sales managers and general managers need a solution to organize the tasks as well as view progress. The reason is that majority of leads contact dealership multiple times before visiting in person, so it is crucial to keep track, analyse, and systematize sales effort.

Dealership CRM makes streamlining process easy, so the sales team can work efficiently. Online lead management, email templates, sales process workflow, lead source reporting, customer follow-up are valuable features, which makes CRM software an appealing choice for automotive industry to increase their sales performance.

CRM functionalities are tailored for sales management on all three levels.

Fieldwork – Sales reps make connections

Handling daily tasks and follow-up with customers is time-consuming and daunting.

  • CRM organizes workflow, offering each sales rep a resource for efficient sales management.
  • Right from making initial calls or follow-up in future, CRM offers reminders & tools to get task done.
  • Mobile app with exclusive functionality like VIN and license scanning, up sheets and lead management tools.
  • Text messaging through mobile phone or computer. Interaction with internal staff and consumers is easy and organized.

Overseer – Sales manager allocate tasks

Sales reps make connections with customers and prospects, while sales managers oversee their team’s daily actions.

  • CRM offers managers the competence to streamline online lead delegation and monitor team performance
  • Less time gets spent chasing individual salesperson making daily management very effective.
  • Email campaigns can be organised and executed easily. In case, of updates or promotions managers can schedule and convey targeted messages via CRM.

Controllers – General Managers and owners assess the results

The dealership executives can get a real-time, detailed overview of sales as well as staff performance with ease via CRM solution. General Managers get clear picture about which location is most productive, which leads are extremely valuable and where sales team need to target their strategies.

  • Lead source report offers a thorough and useable interpretation of dealership statistics. In the next marketing plan you can allocate money on the most profitable source.
  • Individual sales representative’s report offers clear picture on who stays on top of daily tasks, workflow, and sales goal.

  • Reports pinpoint well performing areas and highlight mistakes that need fixing.

Choose an auto CRM software, which can be customized as per your dealership needs. Make sure to look for a CRM solution offering 1-to-1 training and best customer support. CRM investment will help to concentrate on sales management as well as customer relationship management across each level.