Thursday, February 20, 2020
Web Service

How to Choose the Right Designer for your Website


As a business owner, you have already known the importance of digital marketing to stay competitive these days. You can only get a good digital presence if you have a website for your business. Once you decide to have a site, you want to hire a professional website developer and designer who will make your site as attractive to your target customers as possible. But, if you are not a designer yourself, determining when a designer is good can be difficult. Every designer will send their portfolio and it is up to you to choose the right one. To help you with this, here are some tips:

Choose One that Suits your Needs

In terms of hiring the right web designer, you may end up relying on your gut to make the right decision. But, you can ask website design questions to know their process. Ask how they collaborate with their colleagues at their previous job. Request to see an example project their worked before and keep an eye on their soft skills. Also, ensure you choose a dependable designer, somebody who will deliver on time. You can be sure of this by contacting those they have worked before.

Stay Away from Artists

Designers tend to treat their work as art pieces. But, you must be careful about a designer who is too proud of their graphic design awards. You may find this person a good catch if you own a big company but if you own a startup, pick somebody who is devoted to building your business instead of their portfolio.

Test their Skills

When you test a web designer’s skills, think on a smaller scale. For instance, choose a screen out of a famous application and ask the candidate how they would improve it.  You can also ask them to scribble out a wireframe for your website after giving them your prerequisites. In fact, even testing them to design banners can help you get a feeling of how they work. Tests projects that they can do in just minutes are usually comfortable for them.

Get Professional Help

Evaluating portfolios can be difficult so thin about asking help from a friend who has been there before. A friend who also owns a business may have hired a website designer before so try to ask for their professional opinions. When evaluating portfolios, you should be paying attention to the way the designs tack up against inspiration sites or if the designs have a strong call-to-action.