Thursday, February 20, 2020

Some General Facts about Windows 10 to Brush Up Your Mind


Windows 10 has engulfed the users worldwide with its super amazing features. Many tech savvy people have been exploring its hidden features on desktops, tablets, and laptops to watch it thrive as an operating system. If you are totally new to Windows 10, we have listed very basic facts about the same to get you started. And, if you are looking forward to buy windows product key, feel free to visit our website.

  • Windows 10 was launched on July 28, 2015. Keep in mind that Windows 10 is free for one year, if you are running Windows 7 and 8.1. If you are running the older versions or don’t upgrade b that time, then the Windows 10 Home and Pro would cost you some bucks.

  • The gist is to make Windows 10 the sole OS that powers all your devices. This is driven by the feature called Continuum. Windows 10 is always aware that when using keyboard, mouse or touchscreen, it will respond accordingly. If using keyboard and mouse, you will have the standard Windows experience. If using a tablet, then you will have the full screen apps and a finger friendly Start menu. If you have a Surface Pro 3, then it will smoothly work on the Tablet Mode. And when it comes to Windows Phones, it transforms the PC once a mouse and keyboard are synced.
  • Microsoft has designed the OS in such a way that you purchase an app from the Store app once and run across all your devices. These universal apps will then become adaptable in accordance with the device you are using. The same goes for Microsoft Office suite apps as well.

  • If you loathed the full screen Start screen of Windows 8, but you don’t have to anymore. The new Start menu has rewritten the history by gaining its place again on the left side of the screen and showcasing the familiar popup column of shortcut. This new Start menu will also come with Live Tiles and they are totally customizable. This is possible because of Continuum where you can switch between tablet and desktop modes whenever you feel like. And if you don’t want to see the full screen mode again, there is an option for the same too!

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